How to prepare for your Headshot or Portrait session.

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Actors Headshots & Business Profile Pictures.

Actors Headshots and Business Profile Pictures: Do's and Don'ts

Your headshot or portrait says a lot about you. Think of it as a painting - a carefully curated composition showcasing your features to a casting director or representing your personal brand to your potential clients.

While nothing is set in stone, there are a few things to avoid.

The Do’s and Don’ts:

First of all, plan your journey to arrive on time. Be prepared - have your hair done, make-up sorted and clothes ironed - because if you arrive stressed, the outcome of your session will not be as good as it could be, no matter how hard I try.

Think of clothes that represent your casting or your personal brand. For actors: what would your character wear? Would he or she ever wear a leather jacket or a pink blouse? For business: how would you greet your client/s. Bring different tops to choose from so that we can mix and match to see what works the best (vests, t-shirts, shirts, blouses, dresses, blazers, cardigans, sweaters, jumpers, jackets, coats, etc.).

Avoid busy and heavy patterns as these can be too distracting. Also, do not bring branded clothes with big logos printed all over them like Nike “Just Do It” or “Versace”. Solid colours work the best. While black and white are classic and timeless colours, don’t limit yourself only to those. Think about what colours work for you. If you have blue eyes and have a nice blue shirt - bring it in because it will accentuate the colour of your eyes and will draw a viewer’s attention to them which is the whole point of the shot.

Accessories - hats, scarves, gloves, earrings, rings, necklaces, glasses. For portraits (depending on the concept) - it may work, but for headshots - we either will not see these because they will be cropped out or they may prove too distracting. However, it is always great to have options we can play with, so if you have an idea - let’s explore it!

Make-up for actors: keep it natural. You can always touch it up or build it up as we go. Note, casting directors want to see the same person walking though the door as they saw on the photo. For business shots your everyday make-up will do.

If you're planning to have your hair cut then it is best to do it a few days before.

We all know that sleep does miracles so try to have plenty of rest, meditate, drink lots of water, reduce your alcohol intake and take good care of your skin (no scrubbing or dealing with spots for a couple of days beforehand). Don’t worry about a pimple or two on the day of your shoot - I will Photoshop that out.


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